A Complete Range of Textile & Apparel Solutions


In addition to our made-to-order service, we offer comprehensive fabric analysis, fabric development, functional fabric solutions, rigorous quality control measures, and reliable delivery services, ensuring a seamless and holistic experience for our customers.

Fabric Analysis

You can bring us samples of the fabric you desire for a complimentary analysis of fabric type and specifications, with no additional cost.

Develop Fabrics

We have a dedicated team for fabric and color development, ensuring alignment with current trends. If customers have new fabric ideas, we can collaborate to develop innovative fabrics according to your specifications.

Functional Fabrics

We have a process that helps make your fabrics stand out above the rest by adding special functions such as water repellency, anti-bacterial properties, quick-dry capabilities, and deodorizing effects.

Quality Control

The process we prioritize most is quality control. We have measures in place to ensure that the products meet standards through inspections before reaching oor customers. This commitment guarantees that our customers receive the highest quality products from us.

Delivery Service

We offer free shipping within specified areas for orders meeting our minimum quantity requirements.

Additionally, we provide delivery to shipping company for customers in distant locations.